Toronto House-Cat Starterlist

Current Housecat Racers (per August 4, 2014):

  1. Ozren „Oz“ Opacic
  2. Thomas Hodgins
  3. Joel Anderson
  4. Alex BG
  5. Christoph „ChriSTOP“ Krammer (Muchar Junior Racing Team)
  6. Bernhard „BurnHard“ Kober (Muchar Junior Racing Team)
  7. Martina RADhofer (Team Women on Wheels)
  8. Martin „Icebreaker“ Brunner (Team Steirerbruch)
  9. Nathan Wray
  10. Chris Green
  11. Matt Norman
  12. Marcin Zach
  13. Danielle Schön
  14. Sally Stewart
  15. Handlebar (Pending)
  16. Matt Williams
  17. Karsten Loukides
  18. Ryan Brown 
  19. Chris Brown 
  20. Mattae Katolyk
  21. Justin Soares
  22. Colin Soper (Pending)
  23. Switchback Cyclery (Pending)
  24. Matt Randall
  25. Luke Ashworth
  26. Melissa Holmes
  27. Ali „Razor“ Sharp
  28. Nicolas Cole
  29. Devan Hambrock
  30. Max Manca
  31. Claudio Gonzales


Thank you for participating in the House-Cat Toronto!

The finalized time line on Aug 10, 2014 is as follows:
3pm to 5pm: Training
5pm to approx 9pm: Race
9pm to 10pm: DJ Dom Dias
10pm to 11pm: Band Beach Fox
Please look for the registration at Handlebar on Aug 10, 2014. You will need to pay CAD 10 in cash, sign a liability exclusion by stating your name and adress and your signature. You´ll then get your a) starting number and your b) Muchar Spoke card.
Whoever hasn´t registered at the venue by 5pm – even though they made it to the top 40 list initially – can technically lose his spot if there are people at the venue who want to participate.
Wearing of a helmet is highly recommended! We are going to wrap cardboard around every part of the bar which bears a risk.
for rules

1st North-American HOUSE-CAT (Indoor-Bicycle-Racing)

sponsored by AFRICYCLE and PEDALBELT.COM and  Switchback Cyclery

LOCATION: Handlebar, Toronto, ON

TIME: August 10th, 2014 Afternoon


SIGNUP: The race officially will be announced two weeks before the race via

From this point on riders can sign up by sending an email to (first-email-first-serve basis).



    1. There were to be 2 x 2 minute heats in different directions around the bar. Lap count and time to finish the last round of every heat is recorded for every competitor. In case of a lap tie the recorded time counts.
    2. Any foot down or touching of walls or furniture with one’s hands results in a one lap penalty. A crash results in a ten lap penalty.
    3. One lap is completed when the crankset crosses the start line
    4. Competitors have to be invited
    5. No training without an official starting number
    6. Unicycle, tandem bicycle, support wheels or motors are not allowed



AFRICYCLE will hold a bike-collection in Augusta Avenue on Aug 10th, 2014. Their school bus (all seats removed) will be also used as a training center for the competitors.

Africycle collects and ships bicycles from Canada where they become a valuable mode of transportation that allows families to gain greater access to clean water, markets, education and jobs. Africycle works in a country called Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Millions of people depend on bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. Africycle has shipped over 5000 bicycles to Malawi where they are refurbished by locally trained mechanics. Bicycles are distributed to health care and social workers that deliver vital, lifesaving care to rural populations with extremely limited access to services. Bicycle are also sold to help generate revenue which employess over 20 locals, and provides care and support to over 250 orphaned and vulnerable children. Africycle is a registered Canadian charity.